The Power of Dreams

I’ve been reading one of Sylvia Browne’s books about dream interpretation. I’ve always been fascinated by my own dreams, which are densly packed and laden with colorful imagery. Sometimes I dream so much that I wake up tired and the residue of the sleeping world, of the places I journey while engaged in REM, cling to my consciousness and affect my waking life. This can be disturbing at times but usually I am very grateful for my dreams and the insights they provide me to understanding my world, my time here on earth, a little better.

So Brown has some very interesting insights into the world of dreams and the kinds of dreams we tend to have. She classifies them into categories such as Wish Dreams or Release Dreams or Astal Visits/Travel. I like the notion of the latter category as it suggests that we are part of something much larger than this earthly realm and that we are mere visitors here, trying to learn and grow, and upon death we can return to the “other side” to be reunited with loved ones. Brown believes that there is a silver cord that connects our physical bodies to our spiritual ones and that when we travel in our dreams, this cord stretches itself to aid in our return to our physical state. When we dream, if we are lucky enough to experience astral travel, our spirit slips from its tangible form into one more ethereal and migrates to other places, times and even universes. We are never in “danger” of being lost as the cord keeps us connected. We might spend time with those who have died, visit another dimension of time or experience people and/or places of a past reincarnation. I like these ideas.

Have you ever flown in your dreams? Is so, this is a kind of astral trip although flying is not essential to the experience. I have had many flying dreams and love the sensation of swooping over hilltops and diving bird-like over trees and houses. The perspective from above, looking down on the things we usually see only from a lower position, is liberating. For me, flying dreams are so fantastic that sometimes I go to bed at night and pray for one…They are that uplifting. However, I don’t recall ever seeing anyone significant, such as a departed relative, in my dream world. If I am traveling, it is usually solo or I simply don’t recall who I am “visiting” with.
What I love most is the sensation of being unbounded, of being freed from my physical form to explore my internal world without borders or limitations. My spirit self can fly, can cross continents and time, while my earthly body is tucked under covers. Amazing.

Yesterday I spoke with a long-time friend whose beloved dog of 20 years past away about 3 years ago. She was devistated and is still grieving for her Max, who was her constant companion. She told me she had had a dream the night before, that Max was with her in her California King and that she could actually feel him and hear his breathing. I told her I believed her and that I understood for I, too, had experienced these kind of tangible dreams. I call them 3D dreams for lack of a better word because they are so so real and I can experience the sensation of touch, of concrete touch, while asleep. This is what my friend got to have yesterday, some precious time with her departed Shepherd, which I believe was very real. So I told her about reading Sylvia Browne and that I thought she had had an astral visitation from Max. I think that she and Max met in her dream world and that he came her to bring her comfort and peace. She agreed and shared that part of her knew she was sleeping and yet part of her was mildly conscious, willing herself to stay asleep so she could hold Max longer.

Are these situations just figments of our unconscious or does astral travel really occur? I bet that pragmatists or hard-core scientists might say that our dreams are only bits and fragments of our subconscious mind rattling about in our heads while we sleep. Entertaining, yes. Enlightening, sometimes…but still only random electrical firings while in REM. I like Ms. Browne’s hypotheses better. I like the notion that there are still so many things in this life that we cannot understand. The events that occur in slumber leave so much open to the imagination and I, for one, like to trust my intuition and to read intriguing interpretations about what dreams are and how they can enlighten us. I think it’s far more fun.


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