What’s the Universe Saying?

I love to read Jonathan Cainer’s predictions. I think he’s the best astrologer on the web and his insights into the cosmic order and how the planets might affect us as individuals are often so accurate that they frighten me. He’s readable, consistent and writes a good post…So I am wondering what the universe is trying to tell me now? How does the T-square that Cainer and others reference come in to play in my immediate world?

I keep having car problems, troubles with the “machine” that transports me from place to place. Is it a coincidence or is the universe trying to communicate something to me? I know. Sounds so new-agey and hokey but I believe in signs and symbols and serendipity. Over the past 6 weeks I’ve had one parking ticket, one speeding ticket (a camera shot me doing 12 miles over the limit – shock!), one car tow on a day when the heavens decided to release a deluge and now, this evening, a flat tire…Hmmmm. Of course none of these situations is unsurmountable….except the day I got towed I did find myself in near hysterics on the side of the road in Baltimore, soaked to the skin and wondering just where those city contractors had taken my poor Corolla. But these set-backs have made me take notice, have made me aware of how much I need some kind of order, to feel I am some kind of control over my world. When that delicate order gets upset, I feel a rush of anxiety. I don’t handle upsets well, even minor ones.

Tonight I left a tennis match, got in my car, and began the short drive home, hungry and ready to eat. The universe had other plans. My right front tire was flat on the curb, a sad black blob of rubber. Now I have never changed a tire nor do I have AAA (although maybe this is a suggestion from beyond?) so I promptly sat outside my car and looked perplexed. Luckily I have found help each time I have needed it. From a neighbor who rescued my rain-soaked body from the curb and drove me to 2 impoundment lots to the friendly guys from the club who whisked off the offending tire and plopped on the spare donut. While misfortune might find me, I am also pretty good at attracting kindness….Hmmm. Maybe this is the bigger message?

I  recall the shelter worker on the street yesterday, a man who has obviously seen some hard times, but he was out in the sweltering heat collecting money for a downtown mission. The volunteers frequently canvas an intersection near my home, so I have gotten to know a few of them from my brief interludes at the stoplight. I always give a dollar and take their tiny paper pamphlet. Yesterday, feeling a little low and sleep-deprived, I rolled down my window to hand this gentleman my dollar. He wanted to chat til the light turned green. We talked about the weather, and he blessed me for donating…”God is good,” he said as I began to pull away. “He always provides. Here we are in this heat, complaining, but other folks in this world would welcome a sunny day.” Yes, I thought as I drove away. It’s all a matter of perspective. He shifted my entire day and I would not have met him had I not been in my car….Interesting intersections. Being open to whatever comes. Finding flexibility. The cosmic T square has something big in store for me, for all of us. I hope I am ready for the challenge.


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I am an English teacher, writer, animal lover, and aspiring athlete. If you stop by and read or "stumble" upon my blog, please leave a comment and say hello. It's nice to know who visits :-) Namaste!
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