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Volunteering in Romania

To visit Eastern Romania is to step back in time. The cities, while decidedly European in style, are beautifully crumbling; the streets are crowded with horse-drawn carts vying for space amidst rusted cars held together with wires and hope; the … Continue reading

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Earthquake in Maryland?

Sitting in my sunny backyard yesterday, contentedly grading student papers and sipping a cool glass of apple juice, I was jarred by a low, growling rumble,┬ásimilar to┬áthe kind of sensation that resonates through my small street when a large truck … Continue reading

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Running Wild

What’s better than going for a jog after a week of traveling, hopping from foot to train to car, and covering thousands of miles? Going for a jog in fields of lush green grass and livestock, of course. While the … Continue reading

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