Road Trip

Summer is not comple without at least one road trip. Load up the car,pack a cooler, grab the atlas and drive. Now we are heading south through the rolling green hills of Virginia. Today’s destination is the Hanging Bridge and caverns off of highway 81. But of course you have to enjoy the journey and we stopped at Mr. Ed’s Elephant Museum and candy emporium outside of Gettysburg. Cool place started by a man named Ed who began collecting elephants over 35 years ago. Now there are more than 2000 on site. Stuffed, carved, blown from glass, forged from brass and metal. .. Elephants everywhere!! And of course then there is the candy. Ed’s got a sweet spot at his museum and we got some souvenirs to add to our overpacked car. Highly recommend this stop toanyone in southern PA. Thanks Mr. Ed for loving Ellies as much as me.



About waggingmytale

I am an English teacher, writer, animal lover, and aspiring athlete. If you stop by and read or "stumble" upon my blog, please leave a comment and say hello. It's nice to know who visits :-) Namaste!
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