Say Cheese! March is Phoneography Month

Say Cheese! March is Phoneography Month.

I’ve did not know that taking pics with my IPhone actually has a fancy name. I like it! I still have a pretty decent digital camera somewhere….but I’ve not used it in so long. Now I readily depend on my smart phone to help me capture images that seem important to me on any given day.

I can now consider myself a Phonographist. I shot this Iphone gem yesterday to send to my husband who was working. It is our new rescue dog, Atticus, going on a long walk in the chilly afternoon air. I ask…who’s walking who? He’s one strong and curious little bundle of fur.  I love the way this picture captures his movement and urgency as he sniffs and snuggles his way down the street.

Atticus plows ahead


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I am an English teacher, writer, animal lover, and aspiring athlete. If you stop by and read or "stumble" upon my blog, please leave a comment and say hello. It's nice to know who visits :-) Namaste!
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