Daily Prompt: Playlist of the Week

Daily Prompt: Playlist of the Week.

Another week flies by and what better way to remember than with songs. Good prompt and creating playlists is a fun challenge…

Wilco starts off the week with Monday from the album Being There… I love almost everything by Jeff Tweedy and Wilco.

The week carries on with a freakish snow/sleet storm and the track running through my head is 10,000 Maniacs’ song Like the Weather from In My Tribe…If you listen to this song in the morning, it will be with you all day. Natalie Merchant’s voice is one of a kind.

After 5 weeks of training, I am cleared to be a volunteer at the SPCA. I can walk dogs and I took out 12 on my first solo day. Tons of fun but also really hard work. Most of these dogs are big and full of energy. As I drove there, I listened to a new Josh Ritter song from The Beast in Its Tracks. Love his work and this new album has a very infectious tune, “Joy to You, Baby” that makes me smile. I sung what I could remember of the lyrics as I walk/ran around the fields with all my four-legged friends.

I think he writes brilliant lyrics:

I go to the parties
throw my hands in the air
I drink what they pour me
the cups of who cares
go up in the night sky
up in the clouds
fly over the houses
I’m looking down
Joy to the city

Finally, sunshine and a pretty day. Spring waiting just around the corner and you can see the winter film fading from people’s eyes. A little George Harrison and Here Comes the Sun always makes me feel good. Who doesn’t love a Beatle?

To wrap up my week I’m thinking travel…packing and getting on a plane to head south tomorrow. Paul McCartney and Wings’ classic Jet gets my blood pumping and puts me in the mood for adventure.

My playlist is a little all over the place, like me and my life. But mostly happy, upbeat songs that can make even a gloomy day feel better.


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I am an English teacher, writer, animal lover, and aspiring athlete. If you stop by and read or "stumble" upon my blog, please leave a comment and say hello. It's nice to know who visits :-) Namaste!
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5 Responses to Daily Prompt: Playlist of the Week

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  2. I love your comment about the playlist being all over the place, like you and your life. And I whole-heartedly agree about music making a gloomy day better. It is darned gloomy in my part of the world today but reflecting on all this great music is definitely helping. 😉

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