Thoughts on the Boston Tragedy

Here we go again. Another tragedy in America; more senseless killing and brutal behavior that is incomprehensible. Why? I think that’s the question all of us are asking. The exhilaration and excitement of the Boston marathon was interrupted by the sounds of explosions and the reactions of fear.

My husband and I heard about the bombings about an hour after they occurred and immediately our thoughts turned to his brother who was running the event…Thank god he was fine but he was close enough to hear the blasts. However, even if we did not have family in the marathon, who cannot be with those innocent spectators as their worlds were shattered by violence? The images of the 78-year-old marathoner lit up the screens and viewers watched in horror as yet another horrific incident unfolded in America. If you have ever enjoyed a sporting event, a concert, a parade or march, then you are a victim too. This horror could have happened to any one of us.

And it continues to unfold. The news stations host 24 hour coverage of the search for the perpetrators….who, it appears, are two young men who immigrated here years ago. How tragic. How horrible I feel for the families affected by those who set off the bombs but also for these two men who – it seems  – committed this crime. Why? Their school pictures flash constantly across the television screen….everyone who knew them is shocked. No one can understand this turn of event. If these men plotted and planned these bombs, what motivated them? How does a person go from a “normal and caring” person to someone who commits acts of terrorism against civilians? Like so many people in America tonight, I am perplexed and saddened and heart-broken for families destroyed and lives cut short.

As rational people, we want to understand why. We want to try to wrap our mind around the concept, to try to find some real reason for the behavior of others….If we do not have this, a somewhat basic understanding of how others see the world, then we cannot attempt to predict things. We are stumbling blind in the dark and the world becomes reactionary, a chaotic mess that confounds and confuses. The past two days have been a blur of confusion and media frenzy.

After the initial images aired, most of us wanted to know why the explosions happened…Then, once we knew they were acts of terror, we wanted to know who. All efforts focused on who could enact such a heinous crime. Now, after the investigation and the brilliant efforts of so many groups to sift through millions of pieces of information, we are asking why. I feel sad and despondent because it seems this world in which we currently live is in a perpetual state of agitation, of anger. What kind of hatred or sickness could lead a person to bomb a sporting event, a day dedicated to persons who believe in the capabilities of their body and training, who celebrate the commitment to race and join in peaceful camaraderie with people from all over the world? We may never know. One young man is dead and the other is the focus of a massive manhunt. Too many lives cut short or drastically altered by one singular event.

Even if there is some kind of explanation, we may still never understand why. The news stations continue to track the second son, the boy who is believed to have perpetrated this violence. Facts unravel in real time. I continue to watch and listen and feel my heart grow heavier for everyone involved in this nightmare.


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I am an English teacher, writer, animal lover, and aspiring athlete. If you stop by and read or "stumble" upon my blog, please leave a comment and say hello. It's nice to know who visits :-) Namaste!
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