Daily Prompt: Ripped Into the Headline

Daily Prompt: Ripped Into the Headline.

York’s SPCA Bully Bash

This past Saturday York County residents had a rollicking good time at Rudy Park, which held the 4th annual fundraiser for the SPCA called “Bully Bash.” While it had rained ‘cats and dogs’ (pardon my pun but I couldn’t resist) for two days prior to the festival, Saturday morning shone bright and clear. Vendors headed to the parks in vans and cars, filled to the rims and brims with goods. Many goods were to sell, like dog-related clothing, collars and leashes, holistic foods and treats and dozens of other ways to show love to your pet even more. Other pop-up tents were raised and staffed by caring volunteers who devote their time to breed-specific rescue; their goal is to spread the word to the public about their rescue organization or other positive ways a person could impact an abandoned dog or  shelter dog’s life.  photo (2)

There were hot dogs, hamburgers and ice cream treats…even the dogs joined in an ice-cream eating contest. Local area merchants had also donated baskets filled with special treats – both canine and human – and the raffle got underway at 1:30. For 5$ a participant got 6 tickets. You should have heard the crowds roar when a winner’s number was called.

The local SPCA sponsored this large event and turnout was even better that last year according to one staff employee. While the donations have not been counted, many speculate that thousands will have been rasied to go directly to the needy dogs, cats, rabbits and even horses taken care of by our rural facility.

It was a day filled with people and animals of all shapes and sizes. Squat, waddling little English Bull dogs, long and lanky Dobermanns, a few dogs that chose to be carried as they accessorized their master’s outfit, and I even spotted three Newfoundlands – magnificent creatures brushed out and meandering slowly about the park as if they owned the place. Well, they kind of did as dozens of people asked to pet the gentle giants and learn more about the breed from the owners.

And since this event is called The Bully Bash, the most predominate breed trotting around the part were various types of terriers (often mis-categorized as Pit Bull when there really is no such breed). I saw small, stocky dogs with ears that could help them take flight, large, muscular ones who looked intimidating until they smiled that wide, toothy grin. Owners and dogs alike enjoyed the festival and everyone behaved perfectly….

photo (1)

So part of the goal of this event is to better education the public on the sad myths that still surround the Bull Terrier breed. I’ve been around these dogs alot and have found them to be loving, gentle and very loyal. They have gotten a bad rap from some uncaring people who forced the dogs to fight by desensitizing them and treating them without love or compassion. The breed exemplifies an amazing dog and all good dogs deserve a chance to find a loving home.

Since helping dogs find loving homes is one of the most important tenets of the SPCA, I hope that the Bully Bash reached its intended audience and that those who came out to celebrate could see how many dogs – a huge array of sizes and breeds – were happily coexisting. I also hope that most of those dogs who were lucky enough to be at the festival – soaking up a day of sunshine and attention – have a found a permanent home because of this event.



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